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VINIPAL, to ensure the Know how of the conception of the equipments, and to guarantee the technical quality of the equipments to produce, as well as, of the repair of the already installed equipments, had the worry to ensure the collaboration, not only of the technicians that developed the VINIPAL equipments, but also of its founder, in the quality of Technical Consultant of the company.

VINIPAL has been responsible for the continuous treatment of the wine, champagne and beer technological development and we hope to continue in the future developing new systems and equipments that may not only dignify our brand, but also contribute to improving the quality of your products, as did with previous generations.

With the aim to satisfy all the technical and productive needs of the wine producers, VINIPAL, found a partnership that could supply necessary equipments to this industry and that complemented ours list of products, what motivated an representation agreement, with an Italian company “Zambelli Enotech” that guarantees us the diversity and quality of all the type of Equipments for the wine industry, from grape reception to the bottling.



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